International Women’s Day

As we celebrate the international women’s day today, what better time to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to God who create woman as our helper and co-companion on this earth.

While many great women created opportunities of equality for work, compensation and other areas; no doubt I want to take this opportunity to recognize all the female astronauts who has gone above and beyond the call of duty collaborating equally in space exploration.

The person in the photo is astronaut Karen Nyberg looking down from the international space station.

May we continue to cherish and protect our woman.



Exploring WordPress


After so many years hearing, and reading some articles about WordPress, I finally decided to dive in the world of WordPress.   I have to say, I really did not know how popular and how huge is the third party community base.

No doubt, I am going to enjoy this new adventure using WordPress.  Most important thing is that I managed to post my blogs already and looking forward to share my inspire spiritual walk as well as some other topics of interest.  Staying humble and honest.






First Blog Kickoff

Perfect time to kick off our fist blog post on WP, while I figure out to migrate my blog contents from another blog hosting site.  I hope not to encounter challenges when migrating such.  Worst case would be me re-writing (copy & paste) each post.